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An Osteopath is like a detective

Březen 13th, 2018 Posted by eng 0 thoughts on “An Osteopath is like a detective”

An Osteopath is like a detective, always looking for connections.

What effect may a sprained ankle a few years ago have on the pain in your shoulder today?  Have you recently had a more demanding period, physically or mentaly, at work?  All this affects your body and its function.
Recognizing and understanding the causes of stress in the fascia, muscles, joints and other tissues aids the Osteopath in finding and re-enforcing your health and vitality.  Even the seemingly trivial or unrelated are not un-important to the Osteopath.
Osteopathy is focused on the restoration of the function of the whole body.  The whole body must function as a single unit. Therefore, Osteopathy defines itself as holistic medicine. Past and present illnesses, diseases and injuries often result in pain, discomfort and functional issues today.  However, we are not just a machine, so the Osteopath may also consider emotional and nutritional implications when providing care and treatment 
Cooperation with orthodox medicine is important to help ensure proper care and treatment to each, individual, patient.  In Western European countries, collaboration between doctors and osteopaths is commonplace. Your doctor/s may recommend a visit to the Osteopath as a continuation of treatment; equally the Osteopath may recommend you to visit your medical doctor if the issue at hand is beyond the scope of Osteopathic treatment. 

Methods and action? 

Osteopathy is safe, natural manual medicine.  Through observation, physical examination and palpation, the Osteopath determines their Osteopathic diagnosis. People often seek help from the Osteopath for pain in the back, muscles and joints. Gentle manual treatment by an experienced osteopath, however, can do much more.  It is possible to influence the digestive, nervous and respiratory system. He promises to help fight allergy, asthma, headaches, sleep disorders, menstrual problems, or hemorrhoids.
Osteopathy treats existing health problems but is also able to provide effective prevention. Osteopathic treatment is appropriate for all stages of life, from birth to advanced age, including during pregnancy!